Calendar Reminder: The Tinton Falls School District will be closed for Yom Kippur on Monday, September 25th. We hope everyone celebrating has a meaningful day and an easy fast. #tfspantherpride
4 days ago, Lisa Goldey
Yom kippur
Shanah tovah! Happy New Year to all who celebrate! #tfspantherpride
11 days ago, Lisa Goldey
Happy Rosh Hashanah
¡Celebrar! National Hispanic Heritage Month traditionally honors the cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans as we celebrate heritage rooted in all Latin American countries. #tfspantherpride
11 days ago, Lisa Goldey
Hispanic Heritage Month
Never forget! #tfspantherpride
15 days ago, Lisa Goldey
Excitement, laughter, smiles, and joy! Great first day of school!! #tfspantherpride
19 days ago, Lisa Goldey
WELCOME BACK STUDENTS! We are so excited to see you tomorrow, September 7th #tfspantherpride
20 days ago, Lisa Goldey
Welcome Back to School
Thank you @Tinton Falls PTA for welcoming our staff with a delicious breakfast. Together Toward Tomorrow #tfspantherpride
21 days ago, Lisa Goldey
Tf pta
staff breakfast
What a wonderful day! Welcome Back TF staff..simply the best! Together Toward Tomorrow. #tfspantherpride
21 days ago, Lisa Goldey
welcome back
staff presentation
We are almost there! I can't wait to see our staff and students. Schedule reminder: Staff returns on September 5th Students return on September 7th September 7th and 8th are single-session days for students! Here's to a great school year! #tfspantherpride
22 days ago, Lisa Goldey
Wishing you a beautiful and enjoyable Labor Day! #tfspantherpride
23 days ago, Lisa Goldey
Happy Labor Day
This message applies to any parent who had a change made to their child(ren) bus stop....The updates are now viewable in the Genesis parent portal. If you have questions, please reach out to the transportation coordinator. #tfspantherpride
25 days ago, Lisa Goldey
Welcome to our new staff members. Such a talented group of educators join our TF Team! #tfspantherpride
28 days ago, Lisa Goldey
New Teachers
Genesis parent portal is now open for the 23-24 school year. Log on to view class placement and transportation information! #tfspantherpride
about 1 month ago, Lisa Goldey
TFS panther pride
Important information for parents and guardians was sent out via email blast yesterday! Check your Genesis registered email for more information regarding back-to-school items! #tfspantherpride
about 2 months ago, Lisa Goldey
Panther pride
Are you interested in our Before and/or After Care programs at MFA or SRS? The deadline to submit your paperwork to be included for the start of school has been extended to August 23rd. Forms on the website under the parents' tab, select Time Plus! #tfspantherpride
about 2 months ago, Lisa Goldey
Become part of our team! Check out our available positions. #tfspantherpride
about 2 months ago, Lisa Goldey
Job posting
Great day today for our ESY and ASP students. Thank you to TF recreation for inviting us to enjoy this fun day with the campers!! #tfspantherpride
2 months ago, Lisa Goldey
students at fun day
students at fun day
Interested in working in the Tinton Falls School District? We are still looking to hire for many positions! #tfspantherpride
2 months ago, Lisa Goldey
We are hiring flyer
Supporting our former student Mike, and his passion for baking. Thanks for bringing the yummy snacks! Delicious!! #tfspantherpride
2 months ago, Lisa Goldey
treat delivery
Summer cleaning in all our schools. Thank you to our Aramark staff who work so hard preparing! #tfspantherpride
3 months ago, Lisa Goldey
hallway picture with furniture