Kerri Lee Walsifer
    Director of Special Services
    (732) 460-2410   
    Robyn Blonder
    Supervisor of Special Services/Personnel
    (732) 460-2410

    About Special Services

    The Special Services Department provides educational programs and support services for children who have educational disabilities.  Please read this page and visit the following link for more information: http://www.nj.gov/njded/specialed/.

    The Special Services department includes Child Study Team, speech, physical, and occupational therapy services, resource center programs and self-contained special education classes.

    The Child Study Team (CST) consists of a school psychologist, a school social worker, learning disability teacher consultant (LDT-C) and where appropriate, speech language therapists. The school nurse and the school physician provide additional services to the Child Study Team. The Team helps children who are demonstrating social, emotional, and/or learning problems which result in an educational disability. The Child Study Team also acts as a consultant for general education teachers and parents in other special needs situations such as gifted and early maturing students. The social worker and psychologist also provide counseling for students in selected cases.

    The New Jersey Administrative Code (NJAC 6A:14) describes in detail all the services required and provided by the district through special services. NJAC 6A:14 can be obtained at the State of New Jersey Department of Education or at the special services department located at the Board of Education Office at 658 Tinton Avenue, Tinton Falls, N.J. 07724.

    Preschool with Disabilities Program

    The district offers a Preschool with Disabilities Program (PREP) for three, four, and five year old children with disabilities. PREP is designed for children who have special needs. Identified children will be screened by the Child Study Team for eligibility. Our district participates in Child Find Program, click here for the form and more information: Child Find Information Form

    Integrated Preschool Program

    Resource Center Program

    The Resource Center Program is available at all three district schools. The purpose of the Resource Center Program is to provide in and out of class, individual or small group instruction and specialized teaching techniques to students with disabilities by certified teachers of the handicapped or other staff as needed.

    If you need assistance for your child, or would like more information about these services or programs, please call the child study team at your child's school.

    • Mahala F. Atchison - 542-2500

    • Swimming River School - 460-2416

    • Tinton Falls Middle School - 542-0775

    School Crisis Team

    Infrequently, a student crisis requires the immediate response of specially trained school personnel. This confidential team, comprised of the Superintendent, Principal, Special Services Director, psychologist/guidance counselor, and school nurse, together with any appropriate local resources or public agencies will intervene on behalf of a child or family in crisis.

    Intervention & Referral Services Committee

    Each school in the district has a Intervention & Referral Services Committee (I&RS). The I&RS provides referral and intervention services to general education pupils who are experiencing difficulties in their classes. Students may receive assistance with academic, social or health problems effecting them academically, including referral to or participation in school and/or community programs.

    Students can be referred to the I&RS by parents, school personnel, personal request or by appropriate agencies. For more information, please contact the school the student attends.

Last Modified on May 17, 2022