• Academic Success Program

    The Academic Success Program (ASP) provides additional help for students who need support in the areas of English language arts and/or math.   Identification of students for ASP is based on multiple criteria, including grades, tests and teacher recommendation.  The goal of the program is to provide the necessary foundational skills needed to become College and Career ready.

    Tinton Falls Middle School: STAR (Student, Teacher, Academic Reinforcement) is a class that is designed to assist students with a variety of academic needs.  In the STAR class students will work on organization, prepare for tests, quizzes and projects, and teach students study skills that they can carry with them throughout their academic career. The class is in lieu of one of the cycle classes, music, art, and/or computers.  It will be offered every other day on the A/B schedule.  

    Mahala F. Atchison & Swimming River School: The ASP teacher will meet with the student for English language Arts and for mathematics instruction. This instructional time is a small group pull-out and at times, in class support.  An Individual Student Instructional Plan (ISIP) is developed for the student based on academic needs and grade level standards.   A copy of this ISIP will be available to the parent/legal guardian upon request.  

Last Modified on April 1, 2020