• 2020-2021 Board Goals


    Board of Education Goals

    ● Report individual board member attendance the Friday before the meeting.
    ● Improve attendance of the full Board at the Board of Education meetings.
    ● One-way communication/meetings available to the public through a live
    streaming platform.
    ● Discuss/review goals at the Board of Education meetings quarterly.
    ● Open Schools 100% as quickly and responsibly as possible.


    Superintendent’s Goals

    ● Increase communication of district happenings on social media, newsletters, e-
    blasts, and the district website to provide stakeholders with up to date information
    ● Explore the use of project-based learning in grades 3-5 and monitor the year two
    implementation of project-based learning in grades 6-8.
    ● Continue to monitor and implement action plans for improved student
    performance in the area of mathematics in all grades.
    ● Open Schools 100% as quickly and responsibly as possible.
    Committee Goals:



    ● Continue to plan and implement programs to enrich/accelerate student learning.
    ● Explore opportunities in Sustainable NJ Digital Schools Program.
    ● Develop digital citizenship in Grades K-8.
    ● Continue to monitor state test scores.
    ● Continue to implement curriculum focusing on financial literacy in grades 6-8.
    ● Continue to infuse evidence-based strategies to improve math achievement.
    ● Expand more opportunities for personalized learning.
    ● Implement responsive classroom for social and emotional learning.
    ● Promote equity to meet the diverse needs of our student population through
    culturally relevant practices.



    ● Continue to monitor state aid reduction.
    ● Continue to monitor special education funding and work with political
    leaders/policy makers to financially support our special education needs.
    ● Explore more grant opportunities.



    ● Continue to monitor maintenance operations.
    ● Implement the installation of landscaping district-wide.
    ● Monitor additional canopy installation.


    Public Engagement

    ● Monitor communications via Social Media.
    ● Release a BOE newsletter monthly.
    ● Communicate BOE Meetings to the public utilizing email blasts in Backpack
    Notices and livestream all Board meetings.



    ● Continue open and positive communications between the Board, the
    Administration, and the district staff.
    ● Settle TFEA contractor for the 7/1/21 school year.
    ● Settle Superintendent contract.
    Policy and Governance:
    ● Continue to review and update policies as required/needed.



    ● Explore the redesign of the website to make it more user-friendly.



    ● Continue to utilize, when available, shared services for transportation.
    ● Continue to monitor and improve on-time bussing (ongoing).