• If you have any questions, please call the school you are registering your child at:

    Pre-K - Grade 2 - Mahala Atchison School -  (732) 542-2500

    Grade 3 - 5 - Swimming River School - (732) 460-2416

    Grade 6-8 - Tinton Falls Middle School - (732) 542-0775


    Documents needed for registration:

    Completed Tinton Falls School District Registration Form (see link below)

    • Child's birth certificate

    • Child's immunization records

    • Previous school's transfer card and last report card (if applicable)

    • Custody or Guardianship paperwork (if applicable)

    • Three (3) proofs of residency (ex. deed, mortgage, lease, contract, rental agreement, utility bill, tax bill, driver's license)  

    Residency Affidavit - Homeowners

    Residency Affidavit - Renters

    If you are unable to submit the proofs of residency because: 

    • you are living with family or friends who are Tinton Falls or Shrewsbury Township residents

    • the lease is not in your name

    • your child lives with a Tinton Falls or Shrewsbury Township resident other than his/her parent or guardian 

    You MUST send all of the following to Claudine Henrie at chenrie@tfschools.org:

    • fill out the Supplementary Enrollment Forms (here)

    • submit 3 proofs of residency for the person who actually owns or leases the home or apartment in which the child lives, 

    • Provide a copy of the driver’s licenses of both the parent/guardian and the Tinton Falls Resident that they live with 

     If you have any questions, please contact Claudine Henrie at chenrie@tfschools.org or 732-460-2411.

    NJ Family Care

    Qualified NJ residents of any age may be eligible for free or low-cost healthcare coverage that covers doctor visits, prescriptions, vision, dental care, mental health and substance abuse services, and even hospitalization. If you are a NJ resident and you need more information on this program, please click HERE.

    Registration will not be completed unless all of the above documentation is presented. Students entering the Tinton Falls Middle School as new students to the district must have written documentation of a physical exam on their health records.

    Please click on this LINK to access Open Registration.