To guarantee the best possible education for a child, the home and the school must work together. Here are a few suggestions about how this can be accomplished:

    • Take an active interest in what is going on in the schools; attend school activities, come to Parent-Teacher Conferences, join the PTA, attend Board of Education meetings.
    • Encourage your child to talk about the school day. If you make it important to you, it becomes more important to the child.
    • Notify the school of any changes in the home situation. Keep your work and emergency telephone numbers up to date.
    • Contact the school about any school-related problem so someone can give it immediate attention.
    • Review the homework guidelines with your child and follow the suggestions together. Keep the house quiet and free of distractions at homework time.
    • Give your child realistic responsibility at home. Children learn competence by doing real work that helps the family.
    • Show confidence in your child’s ability to make decisions.
    • Introduce your child to the world of work by discussing jobs that various people do and the services they provide.
    • Remember to praise good work. Praise, when it is earned, is a great confidence builder.
    • Resist the temptation to compare your child with other children, including brothers and sisters.
    • Make sure your child gets plenty of rest and has an adequate diet. Encourage good health habits and allow free time for leisure activities.
    • Be aware of the amount of television your child is watching. Try to keep a balance among outdoor activities, reading, TV., and computer time.
    • Encourage interest in books, magazines, academic software, hobbies, trips, and current events.
    • Read with your child. Discuss your own interests and the books that you are reading with your child.
    • Play games, especially those that have educational value, such as numbers games, guessing games, word games.
    • Help your child to notice details of the world around you. Point out changes in weather, seasons, and nature. Visit interesting places and see new things that are different from what is seen at home or in school.
Last Modified on September 18, 2017