• Warning: Fire Lane Violators Will Be Ticketed

    September 2017

     To Our Tinton Falls School District families and visitors:

     The Tinton Falls Fire Marshal’s Office has asked us to remind motorists that it is illegal to park in any Fire Lane on school district property at any time as it is a safety issue for emergency vehicle access.

     Please read the attached reminder as violators who park illegally in a Fire Lane on school property are subject to a summons, a $75 fine and mandatory court appearance and court costs.

     There will be no courtesy announcements or warnings placed on windshields. The Borough Fire Marshal’s Office has noted that parking tickets will be issued to those violators found parking in any Fire Lane. Fire Lanes are identified by continuous yellow stipe on pavement and/or wording or signage stating “No Parking Fire Lane”. A Fire Lane is identified when any one of these components are present.

     Please note the following possible parking locations available around each school site in order to avoid parking in Fire Lanes:

               At/Around Atchison School: Street parking is available legally across the street on Homestead Parkway West and/or the Borough Soccer Field Complex parking on Sycamore Ave.

               At/Around Swimming River School: Street parking is available legally on Ellsworth Terrace and Riveredge Road or Green Meadow Drive.

               At/Around Tinton Falls Middle School and the Administration Building:  Street parking is available legally on Branford Circle.

     Please be respectful of our neighbors and do not park across driveways or in front of mailboxes.

     Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping safety paramount for all.

     Very truly yours,


     Vincent Daniels

    Business Administrator