•                welcome spring                                                                                        


           Welcome Spring!


         Spring has sprung, and so has our learning! Our students have been developing and using their phonics knowledge to grow in their writing and independent reading. It is amazing to see how well they now can read directions on work papers, decode books, and write interesting narratives about themselves. In math, we have been exploring numbers and operations in base-10. We love using our base-10 blocks, but are excited to start doing more "mental math". We are finishing Chapter 8 in math this week, and will be tested on Friday, April 12th. Then, it's on to Measurement! 

         We have now begun a study of nonfiction in reading and writing, including an exploration of facts vs. opinion, drawing conclusions, inferring, and experiencing some exposure to nonfiction research. This ties in nicely with our new science focus, light and sound waves. The students have been enjoying our experiments with light, and are excited to explore sound. 

          Please be sure check your child's take-home folder everyday for new homework assignments. The students have been diligent about completing their spelling and reading comprehension homework, as well as the math work. Keep up the great work! Of course, the best way to become a better reader is to read, read, read! 

         If you have any questions or would like to contact me, please feel free to email me at ihauge@tfschool.org or click this link: Mrs. Hauge's email


    Yours truly,
    Mrs. Irene Hauge