• Dismissal

          Parents are urged to leave their children in school all day. Medical and other appointments should be scheduled outside school hours or on school holidays if possible. If it is necessary to pick up your child before the end of the scheduled school day, you are asked to provide a written request for early dismissal. This request is to be given to the homeroom teacher on the same day and must state the reason for the early dismissal as well as the time you expect to report to the main office so your child may be released to you. You must sign the student out of school at the main office. It is required to show identification when picking up your child when asked by school staff.

    *    Phone calls to the school should not be made about changes in dismissal plans unless there is an emergency.

    *    If an early dismissal is absolutely necessary, we ask that you do not call for your child during the last 30 minutes of the day. Such requests are disruptive to closure in the classroom as well as very problematic for our office staff and teachers on duty.

    *    On Regular school days, students are expected to leave the building and grounds immediately upon dismissal. Loitering in and around the school building is discouraged.