tinton_falls_1 Tinton Falls is small borough in Monmouth County, New Jersey, known for its historical buildings and nearby  waterfall. The town is conveniently located near New York City and the Jersey Shore.

    Tinton Falls was originally part of nearby Shrewsbury. In 1950, it broke away as New Shrewsbury. Finally, in 1975, the town assumed its current identity of Tinton Falls. The town is named after Tinton Manor, the 17th-century estate of local landowner Lewis Morris. Morris played an important part in the formation of the United States of America as one of the signatures on the United States Declaration of Independence and as a delegate to tlogo he Continental Congress.

    Tinton Falls Historic District pays tribute to the town's history. There are 21 recognized points of historic or archaeological interest, including nine historical homes. There is also the site of an early iron works, which was the town's primary industry in its early days. Visitors can tour the site of an applejack distillery and a 17th-century blacksmith shop.

    One of the main attractions of the town is its namesake waterfall. Tinton Falls tumbles 19 feet (5.8 meters) into the Pine Brook River. It is known as the highest natural waterfall in New Jersey's coastal plains. Take a walk along paths around the falls or pack a picnic to enjoy alongside the waterfall.


    Borough of Tinton Falls

    Township of Shrewsbury

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