Monday -
    100 Book Challenge 
     Math 3.5
    Spelling:  Students will write each spelling word. They will underline the letter after the c or the g. The letters underlined should be i,e, or y. Then in parentheses, they will write the sound they hear. 
    i.e. Ice (s)
    i.e. cylinder (s)
    i.e. fudge (j)
    100 Book Challenge
    Math 3.6
    Spelling write each word 2x each
    100 Book Challenge
    Math 3.7
    Spelling ABC order 
    100 Book Challenge
    Math 3.8
    Spelling rainbow words
    Reading wkst. 
    *Blood Drive will be November 13th at SRS.
    *Camp S'more Night is November 14th at 6:30- 7:45
    *Pajama Day on November 27th. Single- Session Day
    *Thanksgiving break November 27-28.