• Mahala F. Atchison School

    Computer Lab



    Here's what we are working on in the MFA Computer Lab:


    Kindergarten:  We have now mastered writing our first

    names starting with a capital letter so most of the

    kindergarten classes are now working on becoming

    familiar with the letters on the keyboard and where they

    are located. 


    First Grade: The first graders have learned how to place

    their fingers on the home row keys and have been working

    with the website "Dance Mat Typing" to play games that

    will help the children practice those keys and the related

    reaches. Some classes have started learning how to use

    Microsoft PowerPoint to make an ABC book for their

    classroom libraries.


    Second Grade: The children have been reviewing the home

    row keys and keyboarding reaches. Many of the classes

    have begun their next cross-curricular Technology project

    which combines the Social Studies topic of communities

    with creating a graphic organizer on their computers.



       Dr. Jennifer Vanyi

    Happy Computer