• Mahala F. Atchison School

    Computer Lab



    Here's what we are working on in the MFA Computer Lab:


    Kindergarten:  The kindergarten classes finished up their unit on finding the letters of the alphabet on the keyboard and have now started working with Ozobots, one of our classroom robots. They are exploring how the Ozobots work and then will move into programming the robots using colors and marker lines.


    First Grade: The first graders have been learning how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to make an ABC book for their classroom libraries. They created one or more alphabet letter page and then presented their slide(s) to the class. We included a lesson on sign language letters with this project. 


    Second Grade: The children completed their communities graphic organizer projects and are now moving into a robotics unit using Ozobots. 


      Dr. Jennifer Vanyi

    Happy Computer