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                      Homework Page
                    Week of 12/2/19
          E-mail: mallegretta@tfschools.org
    *All homework is due the following school day.
    *100 B.C. Step: 132 by 12/7. Review your skills/word attack strategies card.
    *Encourage your child to read 15 minutes or more daily!
    *Daily Specials:
    Monday: Music
    Tuesday: Health
    Wednesday: Art/ Library
    Thursday: Technoloy
     Friday: P.E. 
    Monday-      Read 15 minutes for 100 Book Challenge
                   ELA: Practice sight words: said, with
                   Math: Lesson 4.6
    Tuesday-     Read 15 minutes for 100 Book Challenge
                   ELA: Consonant h ditto
                   Math: Lesson 4.7
    Wednesday-  Read 15 minutes for 100 Book Challenge
                   ELA: Read the story: The
                   Math: Ditto
    Thursday-   Read 15 minutes for 100 Book Challenge
                  ELA: Consonant n ditto             
                  Math: Ditto
    Friday-      No Homework....Have a nice weekend!
    Summer Suggestions
    Happy Summer......
    Enjoy your family time, but please remember to have your child read as often as possible. Check out the amazing summer reading list on our school website and visit a library. Please practice sight words and math facts. Also, utilize the Go Math review workbook that has already been sent home earlier this month.
    There are a host of wonderful websites to help your child brush up on skills and concepts to ready them for first grade.
    Here are a few to consider and thanks for a great year!
    reading eggs.com