•  Mrs. Gregg and Miss Giannattasio's First Grade
    Week of December 10, 2018
    Every 15 minutes of reading is 1 Step (1 signed line) for 100 Book Challenge!
    15 Minutes = 1 Step  /  30 Minutes = 2 Steps  /  45 Minutes = 3 Steps  /  60 Minutes = 4 Steps
     **I encourage reading every day to build stamina and to become a better reader.
    Monday- Music
     ELA-GPR (Great Poetry Race) and Spelling Choice
    Math- subtraction practice page

     Tuesday-  Technology and Spanish
    ELA- Spelling Sentences (at least 5 sentences)
    Math- subtraction practice page
    Return Library book tomorrow!

    Wednesday- Art and Library
    ELA- Retell Treasure Book

    Thursday- P.E. wear sneakers
    ELA-Spelling Choice
    Math- subtraction practice page
    GPR due tomorrow!

      Friday- Health 

    This week's happenings: Single Session Day- Friday, December 14th
    Coming soon... We will be starting I.C.E. (In-class Enrichment). We will be having our holiday party which includes making our December Snazzy Snack! (more info. will be coming)
    Single session day Friday, December 21st..Winter break begins.