• Mrs. Delaney’s Summer Bucket List 2015

     Do some stargazing and then read about the constellations you see.

    Write a friendly letter to a friend or family member

    Build a sand castle and then write a story about the characters that live there

    Catch fireflies and study them for the night (release them the next morning)

    Hula hoop or jump rope while skip counting your multiplication and division facts

    Create a mural with sidewalk chalk

    Bake cookies or something yummy and then have a picnic

    Camp outside in a tent in your backyard

    Go on a nature walk and then research the plants, insects and animals that you saw

    Write and perform a play with your friends

    Create a fort from pillows, blankets and cushions on a rainy day

    Write and illustrate a book

    Practice your origami skills

    Hunt for sea shells and then read about the mollusks that lived in them

    Plant a vegetable garden

    Have a family nap day (parents too!)

    Have a watermelon eating contest and measure how far the seeds go

    Watch a sunset

    Have a neighborhood squirt bottle fight

    Make homemade Gak

    Play I Spy outside

    Bury a time capsule

    Learn how to skip rocks

    Dance like no one is watching

    Read lots of great books (fiction, non-fiction, biography, mysteries, etc.)


    Have a great summer filled with lots of fun and learning!

    Mrs. Cindy Delaney