• Mrs. Belena

                                                                         February 3-7, 2020

    100 Book Challenge: Read at least 15 Minutes a Night
    Please Review Sight Words: I, see, me, a, like, to, go, the, can , is, and, do, play,
    will, in, said
    Tuesday: Physical Education
    Wednesday: Music
    Friday: Health
    100 Book Challenge
     Math Worksheet 5.1
    Practice sight works:will, in
    ELA" x
    Read the Ground Hog Booklet
    Please return your Library book
    100 Book Challenge
    Math 5.2
     Please read your Library Book


    100 Book Challenge

    Math: 5.3

    ELA Worksheet: C







    100 Book Challenge

    Math 5.4

    100 Book Challenge
    Enjoy the Weekend!