Academic Success Program 

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!
    We are off to a great start.  Here are some things that we are working on now in our classes:
    Second Grade Intervention Group 
    We have had a very productive six-week session, learning about strategies that can help deepen our comprehension.  We enjoyed reading both fiction and nonfiction books.  We are finishing up with an introduction to how we can use metacognition to focus our thinking during reading. 
    First Grade
    Each day we are reading great books and practicing how to blend our sounds into words. We recently read some books about fruit and making a fruit salad and then we made a fruit salad of our own!  We are writing our own book about fruit now and we will be sending it home when it's done.  
    Second Grade Replacement
    We are learning how to use metacognition to help deepen our comprehension. For homework, please practice the individualized word cards and reread the books we have read in class.  In addition, please practice reading the words and sentences that come home in our folder which focus on our phonics patterns.  We are currently working on words that end in -nk and -ng. 
    Second Grade Single Session
    Each of the four students picked a topic of interest and we are reading books using our metacognitive strategies to focus on:  hamsters, butterflies, dogs, and space! 
    Please contact me with any questions!
    Kristina Phelan, MA EdM
    Academic Success Program
    Mahala F. Atchison School/Tinton Falls 
    2017-2018 Monmouth County Teacher of the Year
    2017-2018 Finalist, NJ State Teacher of the Year
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