Mrs. Kelly Fay Summer Suggestions

Summer Fun Reading

  • The more kids read, the better they will read.
    They expand their vocabulary, build knowledge about the world, and develop fluency. 

    Suggested Summer Reading Activities:

    •      Read a poem to a grown up
    •      Go to the library to pick out some great books
    •      Have a grown up read you a story and then retell it to them in your own words
    •      Partner read a story with a grown up.   Then each of you decide on a favorite part
    •      Make predictions before, during and after reading
    •      Read a non-fiction book, remember to use the different features to help you understand the topic
    •      Write and read a grocery list
    •      Make up a story and tell it to a grown up in the car
    •      Take a walk and read all of the street signs
    •      Take a book to the favorite place to read!!
    •      Keep a writing journal of summer fun memories


    On a rainy day you can visit one of these website to practice phonics & reading skill

    These websites along with daily reading will help your child maintain the skills that we have learned. All of these websites are child friendly and will require minimal assistance from you. 

    Reading Eggs - - Students can continue to use their log-on from school.
    This website consists of many great online reading games and activities. Students love the games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning

    ABC Ya - - is a teacher-created website which provides fun and educational games and apps for kids to use under the guidance of their parents and teachers. The games do not collect personal information and children and adults are able to visit the site and play the games without providing any personal information to


    This website consists of many games to practice letter sounds, vowel sounds, spelling, math concepts as well as many other concepts.

    Goo Games

    This website consists of many games to practice spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, synonyms and antonyms, as well as many other concepts.


    The Starfall website is designed to be fun, exciting, and to build confidence in children as they learn to read. This website offers stories, spelling, phonics reviews, games & movies for the student to watch. The movies explain concepts like silent e, long vowel sounds, and consonant blends.

    Kids Spell

    This website allows students to create a custom spelling list or choose to study from over 45 other lists. This website has many fun games to review spelling patterns.

    Between the Lions: Get Wild About Reading

    This is a fantastic website that offers many different activities and games. These activities provide reinforcement and practice of blending beginning sounds with common word family endings, matching words with the same beginning sound, synonyms and antonyms, as well as many other spelling concepts.  This website also consists of stories that students can listen to and read along with.

Last Modified on June 21, 2021