• Before you come

    Ask if there is anything your child wants you to discuss with the teachers. Think about what you want to ask the teacher. Jot down your questions and bring them with you.

    Don't hesitate to bring information about your child¡¦s home life and attitude about school.

    At the Conference

    Relax! Your child's teacher and you want the same thing - a happy and successful child. You in the home and the teacher in school are an ideal partnership to help your child.

    Don't be afraid to ask what the various Progress Report terms mean. Many terms are new since you went to school, and the teacher will be happy to explain them.

    Don't hesitate to take notes if you wish, especially if only one parent can attend the conference.

    Discuss e-mail exchanges with your child's teacher. You may agree to keep contact through this technology.


    Questions you may want to ask the teacher.

    Do you think my child is working as well as he or she should be?

    What do you expect of me, as a parent, with a child in your class?

    Does my child get along well with classmates? How about participation in group activities?

    What kind of discipline is used in your class? How does my child react to discipline?

    What books and materials are used in the classroom?

    Does my child always need direction from you or can he or she work alone?

    After the conference

    Discuss the conference with your child. Stress the positive strong points brought out by the teachers. Talk about suggestions for improvement and new goals.

    Conferences are not just for parents and classroom teachers. The special area teachers are in school, too, and would be happy to talk with you about your child. Make a note on your conference appointment sheet that you would like to see the arts, physical education, resource, supplemental teacher or the librarian/media specialist. The school will make every effort to see that they are available to meet with you when you are in that building.

    Parents are welcome to come in to talk about their child's progress with a teacher or administrator at any time. Call the school office to ask for an appointment if an additional conference is desired.

Last Modified on September 28, 2017