• Catch a Ride on the Peaceful School Bus

              The Peaceful School Bus Program continues at   Mahala F. Atchison School. The goal of this program is to cut down on student behavior problems on our school buses.   It will also create community and responsibility among students riding the bus. 

                During the school year students assigned to the same school bus meet together in our school building.  Guided by teachers and staff members students get to know each other and learn how they can follow the bus rules and procedures.   Each day at dismissal the students gather in their Peaceful Bus rooms to review rules, discuss concerns, and enjoy each others' company.

                Parents and guardians have an important role in this program.  If your child reports a problem on the bus to you, please let us know.  We may also need to talk to you if your child's behavior is a problem on the school bus.  We are doing this not to punish students, but to help them learn to be responsible members of their bus route group.  Your help in educating your child about the program will be very important.


Last Modified on November 14, 2009