Little Sprouts' Garden Club

    Come join us as we begin another year of growing with our children.

    The Little Sprouts Garden Club sponsors many events throughout the year that involve parents, guardians, teachers, members of our community and most importantly our children.

    These events include:

    • Serving as garden parent representatives to our children's classrooms
    • Providing a Green Thumb Club, formerly known as the Plant Lady Program. Volunteers visit classrooms with a new house plant on a monthly basis.
    • Holding seasonal plant sales to raise funds for educational programs

    The Little Sprouts Garden Club is a wonderful opportunity to spend time in the school, in the gardens and with our children. These experiences enable us to watch our children and our gardens to grow and flourish.

    Please enjoy your time in our gardens! We are fortunate enough to be located in an area of Monmouth County lush with trees, wildlife and sometimes good weather. Our courtyards provide teachers and student with garden space. Many classes have garden projects that are related to curriculum being presented in their classroom. 

    Mission Statement

    The gardens offer a never ending, opportunity for faculty, students and the community to come together to create learning environments for all to discover.