• Swimming River School
    220 Hance Avenue
    Tinton Falls, New Jersey 07724
    Phone 732 460 2416
    School Hours:  8:30am-3:20pm Regular Session
                    8:30am-12:30pm Single Session
                                 10:30am-3:20pm Two Hour Delay Schedule 


    Swimming River School students are embraced by a vibrant and technologically progressive learning environment.  Students of a wide variety of abilities are challenged to take safe risks as they grow and learn.  All students enjoy hands on instruction mixed with project based learning in collaborative learning suites.  

    Music and Art are an important part of Swimming River School.  Approximately three quarters of our students participate in extracurricular band and chorus.  Teachers work towards creating cross curricular instruction that spans the content areas.  All students are exposed to keyboarding as part of their regular music instruction.  Students also have experience with recorders, ukuleles, boomwhackers and percussion instruments.  Students of all three grades are given various performing arts opportunities.

    Foreign language is taught to students through a variety of strategies including art education, the study of cultures in Spanish speaking countries and instruction in music and dance.  One Swimming River School highlight is our Multi-Cultural Night which brings a large number of parents who participate by wearing traditional clothing from foreign cultures, as well as providing delicious food from around the world.

    Swimming River School community places a high value on Character Education.  Students receive lessons and are trained on bullying prevention, advocating for oneself/others, as well as the nuance of sensitivity.  All staff members including office and the child study team are aware of the pillars of character.  Last year our slogan was #BeKind.  This year it is #ThePowerOfWords.  Students have many teachable moments when they can reflect on the power of their own words.

    Swimming River School - Home Away From Home - continues to be a challenging yet safe learning environment where students of all abilities and backgrounds can feel at home.


Last Modified on November 12, 2019