• Swimming River School
    220 Hance Avenue
    Tinton Falls, New Jersey 07724
    Phone 732 460 2416
    Fax 732 530 8684 
    School Hours:  8:30am-3:20pm Regular Session
                     8:30am-12:30pm Single Session


    Students at Swimming River School benefit from a wide variety of academic and character building opportunities throughout the school year. Students of all abilities are appealed to through delivery of differentiated instruction that appeals to the multiple intelligences.
    Students who are below level are offered varied accommodations ranging from one-on one-instruction through more moderate instruction in the regular education classroom. After school tutoring is provided and students who are in need of basic skills receive these services on a pull-out/push-in basis. Students who are targeted as above level are invited to participate in project based learning that serves as enrichment for their normal academics. All students enjoy hands on instruction mixed with cutting edge technology as part of their regular instructional day. Yearly, there is an increase in student proficiency in the use of various classroom technologies. Authentic experiences are featured in curricular planning which afford students instruction that stretches into the community. For Social Studies, students participate in a Colonial Village, while the pond that is located in the schools courtyard has been used for science instruction.

    Music and Art are an important part of Swimming River School.  Approximately one half of all students participate in the extracurricular band and chorus groups. Both teachers work towards creating cross curricular instruction that spans the content areas. All students learn key boarding as part of their regular music instruction. This provides a chance for students to learn to read music and to play an instrument, even if they do not participate in extra curricular band and chorus.
    Foreign Language is taught to students through a variety of strategies including art education, the study of cultures in Spanish speaking countries and instruction in music and dance.
    Swimming River families have program choice for their childs grade four and five experiences. Students receive instruction from partner teachers or they are looped from grade four to five. Students who are in partner teaching receive instruction from a science/math teacher and reading/language arts from a second teacher. Social Studies is
    provided by their homeroom teacher. This creates a dynamic that allows for richer thematic instruction as well as more in-depth planning on the part of the  teacher. Students who are looped receive instruction for both fourth and fifth grade by one teacher. This too has instructional benefits for the student  whose academic strengths and weaknesses
    are well understood by the teacher.
    The entire Swimming River School community places a high value on Character Education. Students receive in-class lessons and are trained on bullying prevention, internet safety, child assault prevention, positive self-awareness and many other topics that are pertinent in todays
    society. All staff members including office, cafeteria and child study team staff, are aware of the ten pillars of character and make a regular effort to incorporate these concepts into daily student interactions.
    Swimming River School- Home Away From Home - continues to be a challenging yet safe learning environment where students of all abilities and backgrounds can feel at home.
Last Modified on August 1, 2014