• Tinton Falls Middle School
    674 Tinton Ave
    Tinton Falls NJ 07724
    Phone: 732 542 0775
    Fax: 732 542 8723
    School Hours:  7:30 am-2:3 0pm Regular Session
                     7:30 am-11:52 am Single Session

    The Tinton Falls Middle School is an inclusive, team-oriented, and student-centered learning community. Learning and school programs are aligned with a shared vision of understanding the developmental, emotional, social, and educational characteristics of middle school students.  The school integrates into the instructional program a variety of experiential learning opportunities to address students’ own questions, focus upon enduring issues and ideas, and actively engage students in learning and problem-solving. Tinton Falls Middle School teachers employ research-based instructional methods and strategies to ensure acquisition of knowledge and skills to guarantee the transfer of student learning to other content area classes and life.  In addition, teachers engage the social aspect of each child’s character and cultivate an environment that fosters taking healthy risks. Teachers have one hour of planning time each day to meet with their grade level and team colleagues, which provides the forum for continuous, meaningful communication, planning, and student-centered discussion.


    Students are grouped in interdisciplinary teams.  Teaming promotes the sense of belonging and safety that the students need to thrive. It offers close teacher-student and student-student relationships, and encourages appreciation for diversity and sensitivity to those with special needs. Teaming allows the parents and teachers to develop a working relationship that fosters the unique needs of the child. Additionally, it empowers teachers to control the instructional time and use the opportunity to develop programs unique to their students.


    Tinton Falls Middle School implements an A/B schedule and classes that are one hour-long with a forty-five minute lunch. This ensures that the core curriculum, consisting of language arts, reading/language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and world language receives the greatest amount of time for instruction. Technology, art, and music classes are offered every other day on a trimester rotation while the physical education/health classes meet every other day for the entire school year. Technology is infused into most aspects of the school and includes the innovative use of the Promethean board and distance learning.  In all classes students are exposed to real life learning experiences and are taught to think critically and to work collaboratively as well as independently.


    Students are empowered to explore new interests, develop talents, and hone academic skills through the co-curricular program.  Peer tutoring, chorus, drama, band, athletics, community service, chess and games, art, student council, and the National Junior Honor Society are after school activities that engage students outside of the classroom.


    Tinton Falls Middle School maintains a safe, rigorous, and relevant learning environment where students, teachers, parents, and community work together to share ownership for learning. This experience will provide the opportunity to develop skills and strategies to enable all learners to contribute effectively to a global society.