Dear Parents:

    Please read and review this document, Standards of Conduct for Pupils Riding School Buses, with your child(ren).  It is important that you and your child(ren) understand the standards covering conduct while riding a school bus.  The Tinton Falls Schools Board of Education expects students who ride buses to and from school and for extracurricular activities to maintain standards of behavior that will insure the safety of all.  Good pupil conduct contributes to safety.  It helps to avoid accidents that may result from the distraction of the driver.  It also reduces the number of accidents in which pupils injure themselves or each other.

    Sign this form and return it to your School Principal who will retain it on file.  If a student is unable to read the instructions, the parent’s signature will indicate that the following regulations have been explained to the students.


    Very truly yours,                                                                 

    Vincent Daniels

    School Business Administrator/Board Secretary



    The State of New Jersey Statutes 18A:Chapter 39, and N.J.A.C. Chapter 21 Rules and Regulations Regarding Pupil Transportation and Tinton Falls School Policy provides in part that daily bus service shall be provides for all elementary and intermediate pupils (Grades K-8) living in excess of two miles from school.


    Acceptable classroom standards of conduct shall be expected of bus passengers, and the driver shall ensure that pupils observe regulations at all times per Tinton Falls School Policy.  Students shall not be permitted to eat, smoke, yell, scream, push, fight, or take advantage of smaller children; extend hands, arms or head from bus windows; inappropriate touching of others on the bus; carry on to the bus any water pistols, live reptiles, animals, insects, or oversized items that would block an aisle, cause loss of passenger seat space, obstruct the driver’s view, or create a safety hazard.


    The driver shall be in full charge of the school bus at all times and shall be responsible for order.  The driver shall never exclude a pupil from the bus; however, if unable to manage any pupil he/she shall report the unmanageable pupil to the appropriate School Principal.  Students are advised to adhere to basic rules concerning the safety and protection of all passengers.  Video cameras may also be installed on some buses to aid the driver in maintaining order and safety.   Refusal to obey rules and cooperate with the bus driver may or will result in suspension of bus privileges.  Students suspended from the bus must still attend school in compliance with the laws of the State of New Jersey.  The decision to suspend a student shall rest with the appropriate School Principal and/or Assistant Principal.  The Board of Education shall be informed in accordance with the law.  Exclusion from the bus shall be the responsibility of the School Board upon recommendation by the Superintendent.  The student’s parents shall provide transportation to and from school during the period of suspension/exclusion.


    Pupils must be at their bus stop at least ten (10) minutes prior to the regular pick up time and remain at the stop until the bus arrives.  Pupils are not to stand in the road, or on residents’ property or engage in play or other activities that will endanger themselves, other pupils or the residents’ property where the bus stop is located while waiting for the bus to arrive.  Pupils are to wait to cross a traveled portion of the road until the bus has stopped and the other vehicles approaching or following have also stopped.  The driver will signal students to cross when it is safe to do so.  Pupils are to report any illness or injury sustained on or around the bus immediately to the bus driver.


    1. Pupils must recognize that the bus driver is the authority while on the school bus.

    2. Pupils must obey and be courteous to the driver and other students.

    3. Pupils are to go directly to a seat and remain seated while the bus is in motion unless otherwise directed by the driver or aide.

    4. Pupils are not to throw objects on the bus, out of the windows or at other buses.

    5. Pupils are to only carry unbreakable objects that can be safely held in the pupil’s lap or bag.

    6. Pupils are not to consume food or beverages on the bus at any time.

    7. Pupils must wear seatbelts at all times while on the bus.

    8. Pupils are to maintain appropriate standards of behavior at all times while on school bus.

    9. Pupils are to remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop and exit the bus in an orderly manner.

    10. Pupils are to cross at a distance of approximately ten (10) feet from the front of the bus after the driver has signaled that it is safe to do so.

    11.           Parents are encouraged to walk with the students to and from the bus stop.

    12.           Pupils must only ride on their assigned bus routes from and to their assigned stop.


    The right of all pupils to ride on a school bus is conditioned on their good behavior and observance of the following rules and regulations.  Any pupil who is reported to the Principal/Assistant Principal for poor conduct will be subject to the following:


    Endangering the Safety of Self or Others:

    1st Offense            

    Tinton Falls Middle School: Ten (10) days suspension from the bus

    Swimming River School: Five (5) days suspension from the bus

    Mahala Atchison School: Five (5) days suspension from the bus


     2nd Offense         

    Tinton Falls Middle School: Parent & Student meet with District Administrators & Members of Board Transportation Committee for possible bus suspension or exclusion from bus*

    Swimming River School: Same as the Tinton Falls Middle School 2nd Offence

    Mahala Atchison School: Same as the Tinton Falls Middle School 2nd Offence    


    3rd Offense

    Tinton Falls Middle School: Exclusion from bus*

    Swimming River School: Exclusion from bus*

    Mahala Atchison School: Exclusion from bus*


    *  Please note that should you be excluded from riding the bus, P.L. 18A: 25-32 states that your parent or guardian must provide transportation to and from school during the period of exclusion.


    Examples of (but not restricted to) unsafe behavior:

    Fighting, spitting/biting, smoking, sale of any object, vandalism, throwing object from window, gross disrespect to driver, unauthorized use of emergency exits, possession of unsafe object, inappropriate touching, unauthorized bus use (i.e. –using unauthorized route), cursing at bus driver


    Disrespectful Behavior or Disregard for Bus Driver

    1st Offense

    Tinton Falls Middle School: Three (3) days of after-school detention and/or Saturday detention

    Swimming River School: Three (3) days of after-school detention

    Mahala Atchison School: Three (3) days of recess detention


    2nd Offense

    Tinton Falls Middle School:

    Three (3) days bus suspension, parent meeting

    Swimming River School: Three (3) days bus suspension, parent meeting

    Mahala Atchison School: Three (3) days bus suspension, parent meeting


    3rd Offense

    Tinton Falls Middle School: Parent & Student meet with Business Administrator, Superintendent & Members of Board Transportation Committee & a Five (5) day bus suspension

    Swimming River School: Same as the Tinton Falls Middle School 2nd Offence

    Mahala Atchison School: Same as the Tinton Falls Middle School 2nd Offence


    Examples of  (not restricted to bus) disrespectful behavior:

    Yelling, verbal teasing, touching another student’s property, misuse of seatbelt, standing up, not listening to bus driver, not following bus rules.


    Transportation questions and/or concerns about bus routes, drivers, or general concerns should be directed to the Transportation Coordinator at 732-460-2406.


    Any transportation-related issues that are occurring during a school day (late bus, no show, etc.) should be communicated to the school's main office.  If they are unreachable, the Transportation Coordinator may be contacted. 


    Below is a link to the bus contractors that are currently in-contract with Tinton Falls.  The companies should be called if there are any immediate concerns that need to be addressed.