• Welcome to the Tinton Falls School District.

    As a substitute teacher in our system, you will become a part of a team that is committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for our students. You will play a vital role in enabling us to maintain continuity of instructional and educational programs for our students in the absence of our regular classroom teachers, thus maximizing the potential of each child passing through our doors.

    Occasional teacher absences from class are unavoidable, however, the continuity of the program can and should be maintained by substitute teachers who are well versed in the policies, procedures, and expectations of the school and the classroom. Through professional training and experience, the substitute teacher provides the students with instruction to continue academic growth.

    Substitute Teachers are a unique group of educators, a group that may be called on to teach at a moment's notice and yet teach effectively. The challenge of substitute teaching calls for plenty of flexibility, ingenuity, and quick-wittedness, traits helpful to any teacher but indispensable to substitutes.
    In every state, district and school in America, it is estimated that a student spends over one full year with a substitute teacher by the time they graduate from high school.  Depending upon how one looks on this, as an opportunity or a problem, will greatly affect the quality of the teaching being performed during this time.

    I will be pleased to have your professional services and I wish you great success in your role as a substitute teacher in the Tinton Falls Schools. The administration clearly recognizes the difficulties before you and together with the teaching and supplemental staff is committed to assisting you, as you adjust to your assignment and carrying out your duties.  Your success is a success for our children. It is our hope that you will find considerable pleasure and satisfaction in your work in our schools.

    Best of luck on a positive teaching experience.



    Lisa Goldey, Ed.D

    Superintendent of Schools